You are currently viewing ChromeOS 104 is rolling out with a new dark theme, and automatic transitions

ChromeOS 104 is rolling out with a new dark theme, and automatic transitions

Google’s freshest update for ChromeOS is carrying out to clients this week, and one of its new highlights is support for changing to a dull subject, as 9to5Google revealed. Recently taken cover behind designer banners while in testing, it at long last made an authority debut on ChromeOS 104, following dim mode settings springing up more in other Google items.

In a Google blog entry referencing the approaching component, the organization says that the new dull subject would make it simpler to “read around evening time or in low light, and to monitor power,” which changing to a light topic changes the whole UI and backdrop to make things “splendid and breezy.” Until now, ChromeOS just incorporated a “Night Light” setting in its product to assist you with taking a gander at your screen in faint light by changing the screen color.

ChromeOS 104 likewise has an “auto” setting to consequently move its variety conspire among light and dull subject contingent upon the hour of day, complete with coordinating backdrop choices that can unpretentiously move alongside it.

This is the way you can change your showcase topic in ChromeOS 104:

Go to Settings
Select Personalization
Select Set your backdrop and style
Select Light, Dark, or Auto mode in view of your inclination
You can likewise get to the Wallpaper and Style settings through your home screen by squeezing your touchpad with two fingers and choosing the choice.

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