Graphic Design . 3D Modeling . Web Design

Printing Press and e-GP Tender Solution

Graphic Design Service

There are two types of graphics design: print media and visual media. We offer print media graphics design services. Such as Magazine books, Brochure, Leaflets, Stationery, Sticker, Logo, Business Card, Social Banner etc. We provide services through visual media 3D software.

Printing Solution

Business printing is a lot like preparing for an important presentation. You want to show that you put enough thought and care into how you present yourself and your company.
We do professional printing presses and orders are taken with quality assurance. If you want, you can order online or confirm the design with us through this web site.

Web Design Service

Web design covers a lot more than just aesthetic considerations. When planning out your website’s design, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration, including ease-of-use, navigation, and branding.
If you pay attention to all of those elements, you’ll end up with a site that’s not only a pleasure to look at, but also to use. That last part is essential, because usability is a deciding factor when it comes to keeping visitors engaged and coming back to your site.

3D Modeling Service

3D artists work with different types of models. Not every artist has the same type of design. Our 3D services are modeling and rendering houses, apartments, shops, restaurants using sketchUp software. I also do 3D modeling and rendering of jewelry using Blender software.

e-GP Tender Solution

Submission is done by tender analysis. Whether it is EGP tender or offline tender in any department, we provide all the solutions very easily. Tenders are different in each department and have to be submitted according to the category of tender. You can take our help to open a new EGP account.