You are currently viewing Proton unifies all of its services, including Proton Mail, under a single roof

Proton unifies all of its services, including Proton Mail, under a single roof

The famous encoded, protection centered email administration, Proton Mail, has been around throughout recent years. With development, we’ve seen the organization extend that contribution into various different administrations, similar to Proton VPN and Proton Calendar. Presently, the organization is taking them generally round trip with its most recent unification endeavors, which will see all Proton administrations, including Proton Mail, united under one single umbrella.

Pioneer and CEO of Proton Andy Yen shares that Proton Mail will presently be found close by any remaining Proton adventures on another site,, which will go about as a unified center. Clients will have one single record for the entirety of Proton’s administrations, including Proton Mail, Proton VPN, and Proton Drive. Consider this how Google’s administrations work — a solitary record can be utilized for each one, and they can be generally gotten to from the principal Google site. As a feature of this move, Proton is likewise presenting another armada of logos:
The area was first utilized by the Proton Mail group as an extra space choice for new and existing records, however presently, all of Proton is being moved over to that space. You can definitely relax, however — you’re not losing your ongoing email address. Enrolling another Proton record will provide you with a decision of utilizing the new address or the more seasoned space. In like manner, your more seasoned address will in any case be great going ahead.

For all intents and purposes, this is fundamentally only a rebrand that is not changing much for you as the end client. Notwithstanding, it’s a significant stage to take as Proton presents more protection centered administrations and creates some distance from being simply Proton Mail.

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