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Security First Shopping

Your data is secure while shopping on Samura IT. Our SSL anchored servers are tried day by day to guarantee your information will arrive secretly and unaltered.

Accomplish Total Happiness

Your fulfillment is our best need. In case you’re not totally happy with your buy, you can return it for a trade, credit or discount inside 15 days of receipt (paying little mind to customization)

Some Samura IT items are liable to extraordinary return confinements. See underneath for subtleties.

Merchandise exchange – PRODUCT RESTRICTIONS

The accompanying Samura IT items are liable to uncommon return confinements.

Join Files (for Embroidered Products): We are restore any weaved item for a substitution or discount inside 15 days of receipt. Notwithstanding, so as to get a discount of the join record picture transformation expense, we should contact client bolster inside 10 days of accepting your weaved product(s) and you should restore the item to Samura IT. In the event that we posted a weaved item available to be purchased to your Store without requesting an item, you should ask for a discount of the transformation charge inside 10 days of the date Samura IT transferred the line document, which will be shown by the “sent date” of the fasten record affirmation email sent to you.

Stamps: For the situation of Samura IT Custom Stamps, just total sheets can be returned. Fragmented sheets won’t be acknowledged.


In instances of harm or imperfection, the arrival procedure can regularly be facilitated by giving a computerized picture of the harm or deformity (alongside an unmistakable depiction of the issue) in an email to our client bolster group. As a rule, activity (as substitution, discount or record acknowledge) can be taken when substantiation of the case has been given by the client.

On the off chance that the harm/imperfection can’t be confirmed via telephone or through email contact, the thing might be required to come back to Samura IT for assessment before an assurance can be made with regards to the condition of the item.

Step by step instructions to RETURN AN ITEM

Contact Customer Support to ask for an arrival. You should make this demand inside 15 days of getting the shipment.

Make certain to determine the explanation behind the arrival ask for in your message and show any inclination for substitution (in the case of trading for an indistinguishable item or choosing an other style, size or shading), account credit, or a discount.

When the point is chosen, you will be requested to choose the item that you need to return.

Utilize the Upload File catch to proactively give advanced pictures of harmed or blemished items.


On the off chance that you have asked for a discount, be exhorted that returning assets as a rule take 7-10 days to show up in the record used to make the buy (contingent upon the preparing rate of the bank that issued the assets).

In the event that you have asked for a record credit, be prompted that returning assets for the most part take 24-48 hours to show up in your Samura IT account. This credit, when accessible, might be utilized to make a buy on Samura IT.

In the event that you have asked for a trade in an alternate size or style, an email will be sent telling you once the republish has been started.